Saturday, September 3, 2016

Domestic issues

This is Horacio and hestia. They hav successfully mate and laid five eggs 
Unfortunately they are not Nice to the other birds in the large cage. 
They would constantly fight with the others and she would often try to take over the other nesting boxes 
So while she was in sitting on her eggs I moved the nesting box into the smaller cage and then I caught him and moved him in as well.
She stayed in her nesting box and he just jumped back on top and both were very happy 
Meanwhile peace was restored in the large cage. Both the couples in this cage just stqrted the mating dance with their partners. 
Horacio wouldn't allowe the others to mate. 
Every time a couple would start to act like they wanted to mate. He would attack the male and she would go into their nesting box and not allow the other female in 
So this is now my back veranda. It's a much nicer and quieter area. 
I hope the peace will last 
See ya xxxx


  1. Greek drama bird style. Just like some humans I know. Glad there is peace now and you get some more eggs.

    1. It could of almost turned into a Greek tragedy!