Friday, September 9, 2016


It always amazes me when something that looks dead and gone, suddenly bursts into life
Every year I cut these back and every year there is that lingering doubt. 
Did I kill them? I'm not that confident about my green finger. I'm pretty sure if you put stuff in and leave it alone except to give it water when it's dry  things can't help but grow. 
I mean in nature things just seed and grow on their own. 
So when my roses spring back to life. Seemingly overnight. I always send up a very grateful thank you to the universe 
Because I'm sure that some divine intervention preserves them each year 
And really isn't that a miracle? 
Where once there was nothing now there is life? 
Just my ponderings this morning 
See ya xx


  1. It always seems like a miracle - no matter what has happened to some things, they come back to life in spring. I wish our springs were as early as yours seem to be.

  2. I'm so glad to hear your roses have grown back. I seem to remember you were a bit worried about how you had pruned them. You've got that green thumb. Bet you get a bumper crop of blooms. The roses look so green and healthy . I always see that when the extremes of winter or summer are over everything just grows so well. The goats left me one squash plant and now I see I have one quite big squash growing. Now that is another miracle!!