Friday, September 23, 2016


Alice has gone. 
Here is the original post in earthmama when I first got her 
Isn't she pretty 
She has gone to a nice family who have got her for their daughter.  
She was a great car. Leanne and I had lots of adventures in her. Baby girl then inherited her and she loved her as well. 
Now she will be loved by anther family. And the wonderful thing is, they too name their cars and said they will keep her as Alice. 
It was sad to see her go, but times, and needs change 
I hope the new owner has many years of happy travels with her 


  1. Did Baby Girl get a new one to carry her precious cargo and all that baby gear?
    Remembering Leanne ...

    1. Oh yes she did. A small SUV. Much more room.

  2. Hopes she lives on in good health! Looks in great condition. You really did cherish her! Ours are all old by the time we get them but, touch wood, are sturdy and reliable.

  3. I always get emotional when I let go of a car weirdly enough !

  4. emotional attachment with things we own is natural ,i am sure that soon the new baby fulfill the space left by Alice and hope Alice will also be attached with new relationship and move further smoothly