Friday, September 23, 2016

Still here

Nothing much has been going on here lately 
Still spending lots of time with the grandbaby. She is growing like a weed!
The weather is doing its usual unppordictablity thing. One day is lovely and sunny the next missable 
This is playing havoc with my pain levels. 
But apart from all that. All is good with the world 
Will jump on and see what is going on with you all. 
Bye for now 


  1. She is such a cutie, I can see why!
    The weather is having a hard time transitioning this year. Doing the roller-coaster up and down, and yes, it does do a number on pain even though we going in the opposite direction ...
    Have a good day!

  2. Won't be long before those days of endless sunshine and hopefully less pain. Our weather is rain and sunshine. Great for growing. My pumpkin should be twice the size by the time we get back. My only pumpkin. Take it easy and enjoy the grand baby. As they say here a grandchildren is twice a child. So much to love and hold and delight in.

  3. Here's hoping for more of the better weather and less of the not so good. Like you, I'm really enjoying our granddaughter...last night she tried some of my pasta sauce...her mother couldn't spoon it into her little mouth fast enough, so I think it was a success! Lol