Friday, September 2, 2016

Hello September

September has begun, wow time is really accelerating these days! 
Spring has now sprung. But you wouldn't know it today 
It's overcast and on the cool side. But at least it isn't raining. 
I don't expect the weather to really change until the Equinox. But still the idea that the days are getting longer and it will start to get warmer is exciting 
Too wet to work outside right now. The lawns need to dry out but soon seedlings will be planted and the very productive part of the year will begin. 
New beginnings. Means we always have the opportunity to start again 
How's the weather in your part of the world 
See ya xxx


  1. We have a few days of cool-off and then it will be back to 90s again for a bit. I am not looking forward to winter, maybe it will go as fast as summer did for us! Yes, around the equinox, we shall see some changes too - not spring though. :-(

  2. Sunshine and rain, great growing weather. New beginnings all right. Enjoy those spring feelings. Best times of the year are spring and autumn, for me.