Saturday, November 12, 2016


Ever since my sons and daughter in laws wedding I have wanted a light up tree. 
The reception place had magnificent ones that looked amazing at night. 
Obviously I can't have those, not a bank robber, so I kept a look out for something smaller and more affordable 
Yesterday I found these. 
Yup at Aldi 
Only $50.00 each 
Still a lot of money. But much cheaper than anywhere else I've seen for the size 

So I bought two white ones and one pink one 
This is the pink one. It will light up that dark area at night 

And the two white light ones 
Should have enough light to be able to open the door if I forget to leave the outside light on 
And I put them all together all by my self. So they were very easy 


Here they are all lit up. It wasn't very dark yet. Just on dusk. 
They did get brighter as it got darker 
And the pink one. Isn't it pretty. 
I have the white ones on all the time. And the pink flashing 
Very happy girl I am 
See ya xxx



  1. Very pretty, indeed! That's a nice idea.

  2. I've never seen these before. You can have Xmas all year round! They look great. Quite jealous!