Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Because I'm a good girl


Today I had to go to the dentist. 
I hate going to the dentist because I don't like pain or needles 
But I had to go. 
So because I was a good girl. And I didn't need anyone to hold my hand I decided to treat myself 

I needed new bathers. Swimming four times a week really ruins them quickly 
To buy new ones from the specialist shop is really expensive 
But during the winter. That's pretty much the only place you can buy them. 

So seeing the sale signs at millers and knowing that I need new swimmers I decided to go now and get some 
They had lots of swimming gear and only $20.00 each. Bargain 
Having spent, reluctantly over $100.00 on a pair in the middle of winter. I really loved the special price tag 

So at that price. I bought five new pairs. 
I think I should be right now for another year 
Or until millers have another sale 
See ya 


  1. Lovely! Wow, what a bargain! Well worth a trip to the dentist!

  2. Gorgeous colours and rock bottom price! Good girl for buying 5 pairs, and good girl for being so brave. Bravo for the courage and the regular swimming.

  3. Oh how I loathe the dentist. Not the man but the thought of going. I don't loathe popping into Millers, in fact I may even pop in there tomorrow lol.
    I also paid that price at the 'shop' in Nunawading - they'll be ok the assistant said, see the label says chlorine resistant. Just rinse in warm water each time. Yea right thinks I and yes they have that funny chlorine damage look. So thank you for the Millers tip Angela- guess where I'm off to in the morning :)

  4. Mean't to ask - do they have big sizes?

    1. Yes they do. They go up into th 20's
      That's another reason I love millers

  5. Congratulation on being "good," and on finding five new new bathing suits at a good price.

  6. I hate the dentist too. Really gets my pulse up! Well done you! X