Sunday, November 27, 2016

The boys are back

The boys were dropped off today 
Don't they look handsome after their relaxing holiday away at the beauty spa lol 

And here is their fleece 
I have a friend who knows how to spin. So I'm hoping she will be able to teach me and another friend of ours how to do it 
There is lots here to practice on 
Exciting isn't it 
See ya xxx


  1. That is awesome! I bet you will do well with spinning.

  2. Aren't they just wonderful, your cute boys. How awesome to be able to spin your own fleece. Hope the lesson goes smoothly. Would love to hear about it.

  3. I imagine the boys are relieved.
    Spinning - I hope the lessons go well and I'm looking forward to seeing some posts on your progress.

  4. I never tired spinning. But I sort of relearn to crochet as middle age lady.
    Coffee is on