Monday, November 28, 2016

A little bit of Christmas


This is my Christmas decorating  almost done for this year 
I bought myself an optic fibre tree and if you look closely you will see the lights as the end of the branches 
They change colours so I don't need any decorations on it 
With two cats and a very active baby I'm thinking this is the best option 
I have the Christmas shopping almost done 
Don't like the crowds so I like to get it all done and dusted well before Christmas 
I have a wreath on my door and some indoor lights and that's about it. 
For those that know me. This is a lot 
I really am a Scrooge at Christmas. I not into all the commercialism and the frenectic hype 
I just like it for the kids, and the getting together with the ones that matter 
So Christmas will be a less hectic affair this year. Christmas Day is at my sister in laws 
What are your plans?  Are you getting organised?
See ya xxx


  1. I am not commercialized either. No plans no decor No money. lol. We have to pay taxes in Dec. So,the government gets all of our money for this holiday.
    your tree looks wonderful.

  2. Hadn't seen a tree like that, pretty smart move with the baby around.
    I do not decorate - no room for a tree. Mice got into all my stuff a couple years ago and no desire to get more.
    Sent gifts via the internet last year, no packages ...

  3. Still not quite Xmas here. I like your philosophy. Keep it simple. Wish we were going somewhere else on Xmas day. Theyre all coming here. Doesn't your fire get hot?? We have a similar looking stove wit an oven on top and the whole thing gets red hot

    1. It's not a fire. I have put lights in there to make it look like it's lit. Clever isn't it lol

  4. Actually, I just remembered it's summer down under...doh....presume the fire just has that glow???

  5. Here we go again. I'm a slow thinker!!! Love the Greek scene on the wall....Santorini I presume

    1. Not sure. I just loved it and bought it. Thanks xx

    2. The colours of greece, blue and white

  6. Peggy and I spend it alone, so that makes everything simple and easy.

    I enjoyed this post.

  7. I like the idea of that tree Angela! I guess I'll use our regular tree though as all my Christmas ornaments are mostly handmade gifts from family and friends over many years. Like you I hate the commercialism but love the family gatherings and visiting friends etc part of Christmas,

  8. Looks divine.
    Will follow your lead I think.
    Small but perfect x

  9. Your a head of me. I have clean off the coffee and end table. I run Christmas on a budget.
    Coffee is on

  10. I love all your Christmas decorating!!! You did it very nice. Beautiful tree, and I really liked the stove. Looks so cool!