Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A productive morning

I've been itching to get back into it outside 
I wanted to pretty up the front. 
So the mission began with the solar trees
And this is how we are progressing 
Plant holding shelves with coloured pots and semi shade living plants 

Here they are all potted up 
I love nick nacks outside. So I'll continue to aquire these and add to the collection over time 

Then out back. These two garden beds were ruined by rabbits last year. The fence is now finished so hopefully my new seedlings will grow 

I even put seedlings in the big pot. 
No use wasting space. 
And my hanging birdcage planters I made nearly didn't make it last summer. 
So I've added coconut fibre. Hopefully it will help protect the plants from the heat. 
So I have been a busy girl today. 
Still lots to do. But I'm going to need hubby's help 
We need to do some major cutting back
But that's another day and another post 
See ya xxx



  1. I wish I had some of you ambition. I'd love to be doing something like that now, of course, it's the wrong season here. LOL. I like your pot shelves.

    1. Well the weather here is still not right. But I figured it's gotta get done.
      Everything. Except the plants. Came from the reject shop.

  2. Reject Shop has some really good bargains and the fact that they won't be out in the weather but underneath cover means they will last. Just remember - less is more - sometimes more can look 'too much'
    Oh the weather - don't talk about the weather !!
    Take care