Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming. I know it only November, and usually I’m not even thinking Christmas 
This time of year 
My friend Diane has promised to help me decorate. 
So as we are so busy over the next few weeks we thought we would start early 
I put the trees up on Saturday so we had a head start and got all the baubles organised 
So today went really smoothly and we finished much quicker than we thought we would 

Don’t the trees look great. She has a talent and she loves Christmas so very much 
The tree with the elf is the one I had. A fibre optic one. 
When Diane saw that tree last year. She told me in no uncertain terms that it was not good enough lol 
That’s when we got the two big trees   This year I have added more decorations 

Here she is busy deciding what goes where she is very meticulous 
I have the nativity set up on the wood box and a Christmas village that I will add to this year. 
I think Bella decided to visit and chat with the locals lol 
It only took her about five minutes to decide this was her spot lol 

Diane has a few more plans for my place lol 
I’ve got some Christmas mats and some cushion covers 
It’s going to look very festive in here 
Lord save me! 
The grinch has been converted lol 
It’s fun when someone as enthusiastic as Diane is makes you come along for the ride 
How early do you start? 
Can’t wait to see your pics 
See ya xxx


  1. Good on you Miss Bella. Pops would do exactly the same thing. They are quite alike.

    I am a bit of a grinch so I understand the way you think. One of my friends usually has 2 or 3 trees, but it seems too much effort for me when I live by myself. I do understand though when you have kids and grandkids how important it is. Or cats.

    Julie Q

  2. Aha......Now I see the reason for the f/b post :)
    I'm often busy with volunteer commitments so the tree dressing gets done close to the special day. This year I've taken leave from all commitments so it could happen earlier - maybe. The decision is:- the little tree is the hallway, that plus the big tree in the lounge of just the big tree on its own. Oh decisions decisions

  3. Mid December for us. Yours looks gorgeous . She has talent.
    I am crocheting Xmas bunting, exotika and Xmas hats though. Passes the time on the longer nights