Sunday, November 18, 2018

Fire wood weekend

This is some of the fire wood we gathered from a friends farm this weekend 
We did one trip yesterday, filled the trailer and the back of the ute 
We did another trip this morning 
Hubby will sort this out and come autumn will start to split it ready for the fire 
The trees were felled a while ago so are almost dry
They will completely dry out over this summer 
Not a bad weekends work 
We were very very low! 
We will do a few more runs before the summer really kicks in and it becomes too hot 
Then rest till autumn 
You never know how long and cold winter will be
So it’s nice to know we are getting prepared 
See ya xxx


  1. What is best burning firewood down under.

    1. Red gum. It burns hot and lasts.
      This is just yellow box gum I think It’s hard to tell as it was on th ground dead
      But it Burns well and does last, just not as long as they gum
      But it’s free so it doesn’t matter if we burn slightly more

  2. That's a good lot of wood. It will be perfect for keeping you warm in the winter...which is only 5 months away! 5 months of glorious coolness for us