Friday, November 23, 2018

Intervention pending

Have been busy with the Christmas decorating 
Today I went shopping with three ladies who are veterans at this 
I got a few bargains 
But my children think I may need an intervention 
I think I’m got Christmas fever 
Something I’ve never had before lol 
But it makes me happy and melody loves it 
Stay tuned for the next chapter 
See ya xxx


  1. At least you have a month to enjoy it, and if it makes you happy you go for it.

  2. You've got that fever bad, girl. Can imagine how Melody is enjoying it all. And there's another chapter?

  3. Your home looks wonderful Angela! It’s something about this year, but so many people have started decorating etc much earlier than has been usual...which is great so all the work involved in decorating can be enjoyed for longer 👏

    1. I think the world is so messed up we all need the happiness Christmas brings more!