Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Freddy 2nd

Meet Freddy 
H is officially the second because Freddy the first 
Didn’t make it 
He was a fighter fish and needed a warm water tank 
I though since this was a little tank and the kitchen is always work he would be ok 
I didn’t count on melbournes stupid weather and well let’s just say Freddy went to sleep and didn’t wake up 
So Freddy the second is here 
He is a black gold fish. Yeah I know. But that’s what he is 
You see Freddy the first was a dark purple with long fins 
So I’m hoping melody doesn’t realise it’s a different fish 
Thus the choice of a black gold fish. 
This Freddy doesn’t need warm water 
And being a gold fish, but black, he is pretty sturdy 
And well there are a lot once just like him at the pet shop lol 
Let’s all hope and pray he survives 
See ya xxx