Monday, December 10, 2018

Christmas gnomes

I’ve fallen in love with gnomes. 
I YouTubed how to make them. But found these at cheap stores way less than what it would cost to make them 
I goggled all about them to find out what makes them chrismassey 

They are very cute and they help to protect my home 
Can’t ask for more than that 
Why don’t you get yourself a gnome or two
I’m on the hunt for. Girl gnome. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen one or two. But if not. I might 
Actually make one 
See ya xxx


  1. Must read Wikipedia and find out all about these gnomes. Wish we could find them in the stores here. I've just finished knitting my seventh 'Piffle-wiffle'. They're all given away except the first really wonky one. I finally perfected the noses!
    Yours are gorgeous. Might have to put beards on mine too

    1. The wonky ones are the best. One of a kind

  2. We drown in gnomes here in Sweden over Christmas - all shapes and sizes. WE can get them at many shops and at all of the Christmas markets. My guess in Australia would be to try IKEA. They are the main Christmas figure (they don't have Santa here) and are much loved. I have one girl gnome that I bought this year.

    1. I never thought of ikea. I’ll have to try them. Thank you xx