Thursday, December 20, 2018

What a day

Today was a very surprising day to say the least 
 Nothing was planned but spur of the moment we decided to go to Warragul to the Christmas chip there to see if they had any bargains 
My Centre piece on the table was nice but took up too much space to leave it there while Christmas lunch would be consumed 
So I was on the look out for something else 
I bought the pieces to Make these and ended up costing less than $20 each candle included 
I’m going to have a red table cloth on the day so they will match really well 

My friend Diane and Christmas enabler found these picks for only a dollar each! 
So she bought me ten 
The pink matches my trees but not the purple so a packet of mixed small baubles were purchased in colours that would match 
And some silver glitter balls from a cheap shop and viola! 
They went from this 

To this. Nice and easy 

Now for those that live in Australia the coles minis have been a bane in all our lives 
But I did start to collect them for the grandchildren 
Only problem I needed two more of the ice creams to finish but the coles in our area have all run out 
We decided to try the coles in Warragul and sure enough they still had some 
What luck! And even luckier we got the two minis I needed. 
So I’m done and dusted until the next time 
But the day of wonderful surprises was not over 

The other day I posted on Facebook that I was craving salt and vinegar chips 
I asked who was willing to bring me some 
I got home to fine this hanging on my front door! 
A Christmas card wishing us a merry Christmas but not signed 
I have wonderful friends and I feel very blessed 
So a very good busy productive day 
See ya xxx

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