Saturday, December 1, 2018

Pinterest is bad!

Today while enjoying the sunshine I was looking on Pinterest for ideas on how to display my Christmas village 
I love them and want to continue growing it over the years 
I saw some spectacular displays that were huge,  but I also so some wonderful ones on smaller scales
That were displayed on shelves on step ladders 
I decided I wanted one 
I was going to go looking at second hand stores to find me an old step ladder and add the shelves 
And was walking out the back to tell the hubby I wanted to go op shopping 
I had to walk past the wood pile and spotted the pine we scavenge for starting fires 
We get them from truss factories that leave the off cuts out the front for people to take 

Well as luck would have it. There were some longer pieces and I though 
I know I’ll make one 

Seven hours later and a trip to Bunnings 
Spending less than $70.00 
We have this 

Tomorrow I’m off to spotlight for snow and Christmas decorations lol 
I know I have an illness 
See ya xxx


  1. Well done you handy-aussies. Going to look great. More Xmas decorations eh....wonder what will come next.

  2. Looks good Angela! Lovely having a handyman hubby isn't it :D)