Sunday, December 16, 2018

When the weather is not delightful

Well our weather has been wet wet wet 
Oh and muggy  so there isn’t much I can do outside 
And really there is only so much cleaning you can do inside 
So I decided I needed to fix my village scene that had died. I bought it very very cheap 
And it never really worked properly 
And then it died 
So rather than throw it away 
I decided I would just get some lights and fix it myself 
You can’t tell in the pic. But th coloured lights that are In the river flash so it really looks like the water is flowing 
I think it looks much better than when I got it! 
Three sets of lights on it. So it’s nice and bright 
Then of course I had been on Pinterest and I remembered I had a basket that was really too small to be practical 
And a spare elf so I decided I needed to make a table piece for the little side table in the small lounge 
He turned out nice. But the back was bare. I had glued pine cones to fill it. But I didn’t like it. 
I thought leave it something will come up 

Well back on Pinterest I had found a how to make your own bows tutorial 
While at spotlight they had 60% off Christmas ribbon 
I bought a few bits and bobs and I made this bow 
My first ever!  Not perfect I know. But I liked it 
The Christmas ribbon didn’t have wires so I made this cutting and sewing 
I even made the silver piece in the middle 
And I though I know the perfect place for both of these 

The big bow is now on my tree it filled a gap perfectly 

And the little silver flower. Well that’s on the back of the basket arrangement 
Just did the trick

So there you have it. It filled in my boring wet morning 
And now I get to go and have a Christmas catch up with a few lovely ladies 
The beautiful lady who is hosting the catch up has a magnificent village display so I’ll get lots of great ideas lol 
See ya xxx


  1. You're very talented! You'll have to take some more photos of the house completely decorated
    Enjoy your Xmas catch-up. Still no Xmas fever around here

    1. Thank you
      The catch up was lovely
      I’ll do a post with pics in the next few days xx

  2. You really did have a crafty morning! Well done, very creative. Was lovely to see you this arvo too. They are a great bunch & always such a great energy in the room.

    1. Thanks Theresa. It was great seeing you too. We need to catch up more often

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