Thursday, January 31, 2019

Getting the job done

Today we put in a call to the SES for help removing the tree from our roof 
Three lovely men turned up. Took stock of the situation and said. 
I’m sorry. But we cannot help your going to need a cherry picker to get that off 

So we did what most country folk do 
We improvise and got the job done ourselves 

The forklift and our metal crate was used to lift hubby into the canopy and clear the loose stuff away 

Then our lovely neighbour, Chris, said he had an electric saw with a long handle. Which would be much safer to use than a regular 
Chain saw as you don’t have to be right under the branch 

So Chris went to town and was hacking off branches while we removed them to keep the work area safe 
Then my lovey wonderful niece stopped by to make sure I was ok and offered the use of her boyfriend as he is a roof tiler 
So she went home and came back with him. He got onto the roof and removed the branches and checked for damage 

There were only two Broken tiles!  
Wondersons friend Micheal was here so he went home to get two tiles as he remembered there were a few in the back yard and within ten minutes they 
Were replaced 

The mess was all cleared and currently the boys are now taking down what’s left of the tree 
I’m upset at losing that tree it’s been here since the day we moved in but it’s so brittle it needs to go 
So in the end. Everyone chipped in and the job got done 

In the next few weeks the branches will be cut up and put aside to dry and will hopefully be ready to burn in a few winters 
This is the Aussie way! 
Jump in and get it done 
See ya xxx


  1. Love the aussie way! Here it would be one guy doing the work and ten giving 'advice'!
    But everyone does gather around.
    And you had all the right equipment. Always a plus.
    How's the weather now? Looks as though the sun came out again

    1. Much nicer today. Although it’s heating up again in a few days