Sunday, January 27, 2019

Finally. The bows

A day late. But here are the bows 
They are many many YouTube’s on how to make bows so if you feel creative 
Have a look. 
But be warned. 
They are slightly addictive lol 

Yesterday we went off to visit the puppy. She has her eyes open now and is developing a little personality 
The breeder Karen, was very happy for us to visit and even asked if I’d like to see her get her first bath 
She was not too thrilled but adjusted to the water quickly. She almost even enjoyed it. 
But oh my. She did not like the dryer lol 
This is before bathing. She loves food and had it all over herself lol 

And this is after. A fluff ball. 
You can see mum keeping an eye on her little girl 
Only three more weeks and she will come to her new forever home 
She can help me do lots of crafting in the months, and years to come lol 

Hope you don’t mind all the puppy spam 
I have a feeling it’s going to get worse lol 
Happy Australia Day weekend 
Drive safe 
See ya xxx


  1. That little ball of fluff is going to love your crafts ..especially balls of wool which fall on the floor

    1. Lol she will learn as the cats have. You don’t touch mummas yarn
      I’ve kept a few of those faceles dolls for her to play with and I’m sure she will she will get spoilt with lots of toys of her own