Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Thunder and lightening

We got on mother of a storm come through and there is more predicted 
The rain came down so hard and fast it almost came into the house! 

A very old liquid amber had been damaged. I don’t know if it was just the wind or lightening hit it. But omg I pooped my pants when it hit 

While I was lighting candles, as the power went out. I got this pic from hubby. He was still at the workshop and the roller door blew in 
It was raining so hard he couldn’t come home until it stopped so I sent him pics of the damage here.  
Ones from inside. Even I didn’t know how bad it was until we went outside 

So a few neighbours have come round and we have done a quick fix for now 
The majority of the tree is still on the roof as it’s not safe to climb. But the hanging branches have been cleaned up 
They were part Broken and we didn’t want them breaking right off in the next lot of wind and flying all over the place 
So please keep us in your prayers that the damage is minimal and no water will come in 
And that no one will be hurt 
See ya xxx


  1. Glad you are ok. Such extremes of weather.

  2. Wooo, that was quite a storm! We've had bad weather and blackouts but nothing like that. The worst part is being home alone. Thank goodness the tree didn't do any major damage. You almost got flooded out. Must have been scary for a while.
    Hope you've all dried out now

  3. Hoping that next lot of bad weather didn't make things worse.

  4. Glad you are both ok. Looks like the rain was about to flood your house. Weather can be unpredictable sometimes. Thanks for sharing the photos. Have a wonderful day.
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