Friday, January 25, 2019

Extremely hot

Today it feels like the doors of hell have been left open 
There warnings all over as extreme heat  and gale winds mean it’s just like the day we had all those devastating fires that are now known as black Saturday. 

So off I went nice and early to swim and back home by eight. Although it was in the thirties at 5.30 am!

So inside I am and have been working on these Christmas poinsettia flowers for a friend 
He dropped off the ribbon and left me to it 

The thinner ribbon I had to change the pattern slightly but I think they look ok 

I cut them into 6 inches length instead of the 8 in the you tube video
and trimmed them to a point either end 

 Then fold in half and turn each half back down on itself 

Because they are so little I stitched each one to help keep them as they should be 

I used half a pipe cleaner and three of the colour balls on a stick 

Once five petals were ready I joined them using the pipe cleaner 

 The video had a lady using a double ended pic centre. I couldn’t find those. So I improvised 

Split the flower at right angles to the pipe cleaner and twist the center pics

Your flower is done. The thicker ribbon I cut into 8 inch lengths and used the whole pipe cleaner I also used Christmas baubles as the centres. I hot glued them 

What do you think. I hope they are happy with them 
I also made some big bows for them with the wired ribbon but I’ll show you those tomorrow 
Give it a go. If the weather is terrible and you can’t go outside it’s a great way to kill an hour or two 
See ya xxx


  1. Love your Flowers and bows Angela, they're gorgeous. You're clever with doing your own thing on them too!
    Yep, it's a shocker of a day all right!
    Cheers and roll on the cool change ;D)

  2. Keep cool - sounds far too hot for me. I bet the cats are hunting out some cool corners to stretch out on.