Sunday, January 13, 2019

A night of magic!

Last night my sister in law, nieces and their friends went to a wizards dinner 
Oh my what fun we had lots of people dressed up and the whole night was full of laughter and 
Here we all are waiting to go in 

The hall was amazing and we even had a resident ghost 

The cauldron was busy doing it thing throughout the night  

Our house. 
Our head of house was master frigg 
It was a cross between Harry Potter and the Arthur legends 

Here we are right up the front. But it didn’t matter 
Action was happening all around and you could all get up on your seats and we were encouraged 
To bang, stamp, clap and song out loud! 

Some people’s costumes were amazing. 
Here I am with bellatrix and her sister sissy 

And my niece phoebe with dobby the house elf 
She stole the night. At the judging of the best costume the whole place was chanting dobby dobby 
Even we were and she didn’t Even belong to our house! 

There were even a snake and an owl there. But I can’t show you all the pics or this post would go forever 
Oh. We even had food and drinks lol 
It was a fantastic night and I had a ball 
I hope the others had as much fun as I did 
See ya xxx


  1. Sure looked like a night of magic.
    Coffee is on

  2. Sounds like great fun Angela, so glad you enjoyed the night of magic :)