Monday, February 11, 2019

A big weekend

This little girl is almost three. Her birthday is on Wednesday but her party was on Saturday it was at her nanas house because she had lots of room for a big bouncy castle which everyone loved 

She had a ball with her cousins and her nana and her grandma! 
She especially loved it when both her grandmothers were in there acting silly with her 

I can’t BELIVE how quickly the years have flown 
Melody now goes to a preschool once a week and she loves it 
It was a big day and she was exhausted but she had so much fun 
And that’s what counts really 

Then on Sunday. I picked up my new baby 
This is Beatrix but trixie for short 
She was very good all day doing her wee’s outside and getting to know her new family 
Teddy didn’t know what to make of her at first but soon they were playing together. He was so good with her 
The cats all just looked at her and ran. They have no idea what she is lol 

I was told I should crate her at night. But she cried so much and I really want to be able to take her away with me 
Camping so she can wake me if I have an allergic reaction while sleeping. So I just put her I bed with me 
Oh my fell asleep. Woke at one to potty straight back to sleep. Then up at quarter to five for a drink and back to sleep 
If only my babies were this easy lol 
So I’m going to be. Full time mum again at my age lol 
Get ready for lots of poodle spam 
See ya xxx


  1. Sounds like your granddaughter had a wonderful party. As for Trixie, she is beautiful. Do you draw or sketch? Your readers could be treated to oodles of poodle doodles.

  2. Wow her birthday is a day after mind. Sound like a wonderful birthday.
    Coffee is on

  3. What a wonderful birthday. How are you going to top that? A bouncy castle, the ultimate in squeals and laughter.
    May your Melody, and all your little ones, live as long as those tall mountains.
    Na sas zisei.
    Trixie is so cute. You have a terrific family