Thursday, February 14, 2019

Under the weather

With all the weather changes around. I’ve come down with a summer cold 
It’s going around and the girls and wonderson all have it too 
So I’ve been staying inside resting, as much as a mum of a puppy can and crocheting 
I’ve finished yet another call the midwife blanket and I’ve started this granny square one to be sent off 
To the salvos for their winter appeal for blankets for the homeless 
It’s miserable to feel this stuffy when the sun is shining 
Hope your all well 
Have a great Valentine’s Day 
I got my present on the weekend lol 
See ya xxx


  1. Summer colds are the worst.
    Keep crocheting!

    1. Not easy with a puppy. But I’m trying lol

  2. Never learn do a granny square. Lot of people around here is hacking with winter crud.
    Happy Valentine day

    1. It’s very very easy. There are lots of you tubes that will teach you
      Yes. Germs live all over the world unfortunately