Sunday, February 3, 2019

On my hook!

After the excitement of heat, wind, rain and trees! 
I’ve spent most of my down time being a happy hooker! 

I’ve made a few of these “call the midwife” blankets. Some I’ll keep 
Others I’ll add to the charity pile at knitting group 

I’ve decided since this is one I’ll keep for future gift giving I’d try a new boarder
These little elephants 
I thought they looked cute. But oh my have they tested my patience lol 
Not hard. Just fiddly 
But I’m slowly getting there. It won’t matter if it takes a few days to finish 

And I’ve made trixie a winter sweate lol 
I kinda followed along on a you tube but changed the dimensions and did a few add ons 

I hope it fits her during winter. But if not I’ll have a base to work from if I decide to make her another one 
So crochet has been my escape from the anxiety of this wild weather we have been experiencing 
Keeping me calm and helping me to forget the pain I’m in 
It really is a sanity saver. 
Which is kinda why I started those many years ago 
What’s on your hook/needles. I’d love to see your crafty work whatever it is 
Have a great weekend 
See ya xxx

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  1. Some time I would like to hear about your knitting charity.
    Coffee is on