Thursday, March 14, 2019

Week five

I can’t BELIVE I’ve had this little girl for five weeks! 
The time has flown 
She is starting to sleep through the night, although last night she got the hiccups so I took her out to toilet 
And she snuggled until th hiccups went and then she fell fast asleep 

Now that the fence is up, and although she is small enough to go through it, she doesn’t 
She has been shown the doggie door the cats use 
So all day yesterday she was in and out by herself 
At first she was in every few minutes to see if I was still here. 
But gradually she spent more and more time outside 
In a few more weeks she will be too big to get through the fence and I won’t have to worry any more 
If you know me. You know that will never happen lol 

Anyway she is getting on really well with our other dog Teddy and she has bonded with Sammy the cat 
Bella has now allowed her to sniff her and as long as she isn’t too energetic she will stay with her. But as soon as she starts jumping about Bella is out of there lol 
Agatha really hasn’t interacted with her much. She is usually fast asleep on one of the outdoor chairs 

So training is going well 
Separation is happening slowly 
And I’m sure in a few more months it will feel like she’s been here for years 

Peace and calm is slowing returning to this nest 
See ya xxx 


  1. Sounds like all is well. Getting up with little babies human and furry ones can sure wear one out.
    Coffee is on

  2. Glad she's settled in with the rest of the family. You made a great choice.
    You've got years of companionship ahead

  3. Oh, my heart, what a beautiful, beautiful doggies! My wife would flip over her. She looks like she would jump up to play if you so much as raised an eyebrow. I'm extremely glad that your other critters have accepted her. I've had pets that loved one another, and pets that didn't, and the difference for the whole family is one of night and day.

    1. No "s" (on doggie) would have been better, and perhaps"gy" rather than "ie" might have have been better too, but I got excited. She's a heart melter for sure.

    2. I don’t worry about spelling. I’m so bad at it I can read anything lol

    3. Just to be clear, I was talking about my spelling, not yours. I've always been a good speller, so I was surprised to have a friend with a keen ear for music (which I sadly lack) but no ear for spelling. He said that he spells wonderfully, phonetically, but this doesn't explain why it is that I spell wonderfully the way words are supposed to be spelled. I can but assume that the reason is that I have an intuitive grasp of the rules of spelling.

  4. Thanks for the share. Sounds like everything is going smoothly the first five weeks. We love that she uses the kitty dog to go outside. That's such a cute photo. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  5. What a super photograph this is.

    All the best Jan