Monday, March 11, 2019

A productive long weekend

Another long weekend here. And we didn’t waste the time 
Hubby finished off the fence and hung the new gate 
The old fence had been falling down and was removed a while ago but it’s taken a while
To get this one up 
The tall posts will be cut down to size when the wooden tops have come in 
They have been ordered and hopefully won’t take too long 

The tree that came down a few weeks ago. Has been cut up and staked away
To dry and use during the winter. Nothing is wasted here 

And me. I finished this today it’s a butterfly pattern 
Another easy, but looks so effective pattern. 
I used up the last of the carron cakes that I got as packet of ends in the bargain bags 

I’ve set some more in blues and greens that I’ve started in the same pattern 
And even though it was a day off. I still went to the pool and had a swim 
Even though I was late. Better late than not at all I thought. 

So a productive weekend. Lots of jobs finished and 
Even some exercise 
See ya xxx


  1. The fence and gate look great!!! Awesome that you waste nothing - what a way to live!! That afghan is beautiful - you are so very talented! Annster's Domain

    1. Thank you. You tube is amazing for learning

  2. The fence looks very smart, so does the blanket. You say it's an easy stitch so I'll look it up.

    1. I followed a you tube. He didn’t have a written pattern. So I wrote what I did myself after every row

  3. The fence looks very good, so does the blanket … lovely colours.

    All the best Jan