Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Doggie nutrition

Trixie has been going to puppy school 
She’s not real good with the sit and drop. But she loves the socialisation 
Mummy has learnt lots about puppy nutrition 
She really doesn’t like the commercial food. And I’ve tried all sorts 
So I’m cooking my own 

In the pot there is 
Chicken mince
Pork mince
Sweet potato 
Grated cheese 
And brown rice 
Looks yummy doesn’t it. 

I’ve got lots of these little containers so I’ll fill them and freeze to defrost as I need 

And here is Miss Trixie. She had a professional groom yesterday and now looks more like 
A poodle 
Now I’m off to find recipes for puppy treats lol 
See ya xxx


  1. Awww sweetie. Your dinner looks good Miss Trixie.

  2. She does look like a poodle! Bet she's soft and cuddly.
    Interesting to see what they can and cannot eat. Local wild cats get all our scraps. They chow down on bones and gnaw them like a bone, eat just about everything even left over pitta bread and lentils the other day. They don't like potatoes.
    Young Trixie is going to be growing fast on her diet

  3. What a delicious dinner she gets!!! Can I eat over too?!?! Hee Hee