Thursday, March 7, 2019

Oh what a day!

Yesterday my four swim buddies, Claire, dianne and Anne, and I all went into the city to see 
jersey boys 

I can highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to see 
A great story told in a unique way 
All the songs are there and many times you will be bobbing in your 
Seat singing silently away with the cast 

Our day started early as it’s over an hours traveling by train to the city from here 
Claire’s hubby picked us all up and dropped us off at the station 

We had. Late  breakfast in town and did lots of window shopping 
Before a matinee showing of the show

Then after we stopped at a few different places to have a drink, finically finishing the day off
At a Irish pub for dinner and then caught the train home 
Anne’s hubby picked us up from the Station but Dianne’s hubby picked her up and we all went home 
Safe and sound 

My hubby had baby sitting duties all day with trixie and I got regular updates and pics 
During the day 
And the best part 
We do it all again in a month as we have tickets to go and see Muriel’s Wedding 
I need to rest lol 
See ya xxx


  1. Sound pretty cool and joyfull.
    Coffee is on

  2. My mother loved Jersey Boys so much!!! I want to see it so badly!!! What a great times with friends!!! Annster's Domain

  3. Pleased you had a good time …

    All the best Jan