Sunday, March 17, 2019

The wheel turns...Autumn

The yarn work continues. For a long time I just couldn’t pick up a hook. But I’m back into it 
Lots of baby blankets have been made and now I’m working on this. 
It’s way bigger than I thought it was going to be. So of course I had to go to spotlight and buy more Caron cakes lol 
Looks like it’s going to be a generous single bed blanket. It’s got dragonflies on it. 
So it might just end up in the girls room here on their bed 

As I’ve said before I wanted to be able to have a wreath on my front door depicting the seasons 
Here in Australia there isn’t much around for seasonal decorations so I once again had to make one myself 
It’s not exactly perfect. Lol far from it. But I tried 
It does look autumnal is that a word. I don’t know lol 
Anyway. It’s up and it will stay until the wheel turns again 
Hummmmm winter in Australia doesn’t have snow. 
Research will be required me thinks 
See ya xxxx



  1. What a wonderful wreath. You did well. The colours are gorgeous.
    Those Caron cakes are great too. Glad to see you're crocheting again. You're darn good at it!

  2. Seasonal decorations aren't hard to find here in America, among which are flags that depict seasonal colors and scenes. If not for its proximity to winter, perhaps fall would be my favorite season.

    1. I might have to. One visit your country and buy up lots of decorations to bring home with me

  3. Love your seasonal wreath, the colours are gorgeous.

    All the best Jan