Monday, March 23, 2020

Corona update

Well finally our government has shut down schools here in our state and non essential businesses have to close 
This means our local pool is now a no go 
Coffee with the girls is not going to happen and unfortunately 
Our long looked forward to trip into Melbourne to see shriek the musical has been cancelled for now 

Here at the empty nest we have put a chain across the driveway to the shed and no customer contact 
We can still keep working while we can still get parts but keel contact to an absolutely minimum. Our workers need to be able to go home and be safe 
To see their families 

Me. Well. I’ve got a few things recorded that I haven’t been able to watch 
I’ve got my crochet, and patchwork
Audiobooks and dvds as well as shelves full of actual books 
I have my fur babies and I’ll be fine 
Just have to not binge eat and undo all the hard work 
Good thing I live an acreage. I might have to go out and chase the livestock to keep fit lol 
Stay well everyone. We are all in this together 
See ya xxx


  1. Lucky you've got somewhere to walk and livestock to chase. Keep away from the kitchen, says me, who thinks only of what I can bake and eat,darn it

    1. It’s hard. Especially when you have to feed the hubby ohh now I’m getting hungry again lol

  2. Businesses, bars and restaurants and schools will close in NZ tomorrow and we all go into full lockdown on weds at midday. It is the only way to get ahead of this thing.

    I went to the supermarket here today, and there was a lot of food. The meat was mainly cleared out, but I have some supplies in the freezer so feel ok. I have enough cat food I hope.

    Stay safe.

    1. That’s what I did first. I made sure I had lots of pet food. We can eat anything but they just won’t understand it if we run out of their food

  3. The national news here has been unremitting, leaving me to wonder how things are where you are. MY USA state of Oregon is supposed to be under a "stay at home order" starting today. I don't know just how this will be enforced, but, at a minimum, it will mean that. non-essential business will have to close.

    Courtesy of the WHO, the US could have had a virus test weeks before it did, but Trump wanted America's Big Pharma to make money for developing it. When a reporter asked him what he had to say to American's who are frightened, he called the man a bad reporter and said he had asked a nasty question. Today, he is saying that social isolation's effect on the economy is worse than the virus, so he will consider lifting restrictions in two weeks. Etc. I had hoped he might rise to the occasion, but when he started calling Covid-19 "the Chinese virus" (so as to focus blame for his lame response away from himself), I knew that he is too ill to for that.

    I hope you can stay well and remain upbeat.

    1. Lack of real leadership has been a problem here as well. Mixed messages confusing and scaring everyone.
      Unfortunately they, the politicians, always seem to look after the big guns and care little for the common man. Hope your doing ok

  4. Anything connect with govt is close and everything in my state is pretty much wide open, Some are close. Guessing by end of week my area will be seeing more business close.

    1. Sooner or later. That’s the only way to flatten the curve as they say. Close down everything.
      Sad but true