Thursday, March 19, 2020

Disappearing nine patch

Since it’s all doom and gloom out there. I thought I’d show you a pic tutorial on how to make a disappearing nine patch 
It’s very simple and fun to do 
You need two different patterned material 
It’s best if one is a pattern and one a plain but I was working with limited resources and after all that’s what patchwork is 
Using up what you have. 

Cut your material into squares. Doesn’t matter really how big. I just used my square ruler and cut it to that size 
I think they are around six in he squares 

Lay them out in three rows of three alternating all the blocks 

Sew the first row and iron your seams to one side. Very important. 
The sew your next row of three and sew your seams, again to one side. But this time make it go the other way to the first set of seams. 

Now place the two rows together right sides face it. 
See the seams. The go the opposite ways. They will snuggle in together and you will get a better lining up of your seams 
Pin and sew 

Iron your stitches and your seams.  See looks good doesn’t it 

So the same with the last row 
Once your nine squares are sewn together. Lay it down and make two cuts through the middle. 

Now play around with your squares until your happy with the pattern.  
This is what I settled on. 

Sew all seams, making sure the ones meeting are spot on. Using the method above 
And viola! Your first disappearing nine patch is done 

Make one and turn it into a cushion cover. Make lots and make any size quilt too you want 
Easy peasy 
Now if you get locked in. You have something to do 
Go and get some material from your local quilting shop
A few tools your going to need.  The nice ladies, or gents, in the shop will give you a hand 
And if your stuck at home. At least you will be able to keep busy 
If you do. Show us what you have made 
Stay well 
See ya xxx


  1. That looks far too complicated for me, who doesn't like sewing. I'll stick to my granny squares.
    Stay home and keep those hands busy!
    Mine are busy.....eating. I need to concentrate on those granny squares

    1. Yup I suspect we are all going to be a tad bigger before this all ends lol

  2. love the colors. I am doing 2 inch blocks in set of 16, although slow going.

    1. Doesn’t matter. It will get done eventually. Love to see them when. Hope you post pics

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