Friday, March 27, 2020

Vegetable dramas

About two weeks ago. We went and bought some vegetable seedlings 
I wanted to do a staggered planting so didn’t buy a whole lot 
We planted and mulched half the garden bed and we were going to wait about a month before planting again 

Well yesterday I decided I better go and get more incase we are shut down 

Oh my. What a surprise to find the shelves empty 
Not a vegetable seedlings in sight 

The same with the seeds. 
Looks like everyone has jumped on the grow your own bandwagon 

Luckily I know a couple in the industry and I contacted them 
They too said that where they work they are all out but they did get some for themselves and were happy to share 

So I’ve been able to plant the rest of this bed at least 
I’ll get some mulch and liquid fertiliser and some seed raising mix 

I have seeds, a tad old, but I’ll plant out twice as much and then transplant 
Whatever sprouts 

I’ve never ever seen it like this before 
It’s autumn here so most people don’t bother with a winter crop 

Looks like the crazy modern homesteaders knew something after all 
Yup. They’re not laughing at us anymore 
Stay safe, stay healthy 
See ya xxx


  1. I still haven't seen whether we can get seedlings. This last week we have reverted to winter again. At least the soil is getting a good wetting but I am waiting for the sun to shine before I look to start planting.
    Everyone is thinking about growing food now

    1. Yup. It’s become kinda important again. If you hav3 seeds I would be starting my own if I was you. Good harvests too you

  2. Glad you got some seedlings to plant, Angela. I was able to get some seedlings from a little local nursery before things got crazy. I already had some seeds + I picked up a few packets from our little local library, which has a community garden that saves seeds, before all the libraries closed. MegXx

    1. So happy you got some. Happy harvest to you

  3. Yes the seedlings were next after the toilet paper...I got some about 3 weeks ago however they were a bit scarce at that stage. I did try once more a week ago and completely bare however I do have packets of seeds I need to sort out this weekend. Stay safe. Kathy

  4. I managed to source a few more and I have seeds so I’ll be ok thanks