Saturday, March 14, 2020

This week in the nest

This week my swim friends and I went off to the big city to see Billy Elliot the musical. 
It was very nicely done. 
It stayed close to the movie, but delved more into the miners strike and the mood of the day 
So you really got a sense of exactly what billy had to overcome to fulfil  his dreams 

We had a great day eating drinking and laughing as we usually do 

Today hubby and I planted the first of our winter crop
Chard, beetroot, mixed salad greens and Swede. I’ve never grown Swede so I’m 
Hoping it’s not a failure 

Cooked up a huge batch of ratatouille using tomatoes from our garden, onions, a lone green Pepper in my refrigerator,
An eggplant I bought and some courgettes that were given to us from a local farmer 
We had some for lunch and there is more for dinner. 
Two portions went into the freezer for later use 

I’ve been cutting squares for a disappearing nine patch. But the off cuts were too big to just throw out 
So today I have been making flying geese. 
I’ll incorporate them into the patchwork somehow   
You know me. Waste not lol  

And finally we come to the issue on everyone’s minds right now 
Covid-19 or the corona virus 
Oh my goodness people have lost their minds 
It started off with panic stockpiling of the toilet paper. But now it’s long life milk, pasta, rice,canned beans and flour 
So I thought I’d remind everyone to laugh 
Laughter is the best medicine 
I hope you all have enough toilet paper to last the crisis 
Wash your hands and stay safe 
See ya xxx


  1. I've not gone crazy, just stocked up my cupboards and have 3x8 packs of toilet rolls. I live by myself though, and have no one to shop for me if I am sick or stuck at work or home, so need to be a little prepared. I am surprised at many of my friends who aren't getting anything extra in. I have only brought things that I will use up in he next few months anyways, so lots of soup and rice and pasta, all things that will be fine for dinner and lunches over winter.

    1. I wonder what people are thinking. Why all that toilet paper. How long do they think they will be sick. A few weeks at best. How much do they use weekly. Yes. If I get sick I will self isolate. Like I always do so no shopping so I always have a little in reserve

  2. Sounds like a great time out. Hope you have a few more before lock down....if it happens down under.
    Soon be time for our ratatouille

    1. We are hoping we are able to go. But if we don’t. We don’t.
      Lockdown looking more and more likely unfortunately

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