Saturday, June 13, 2020

Another week

Well it’s the weekend again 
Not a huge amount has happened here. 
The craft room as come to a standstill. We are waiting on the house cladding to go on
Meanwhile I babysat the girl last Saturday. They were excited having grandma stay for a sleep over 
Both girls went to bed easily and stayed asleep all night
But grandma was on constant alert so she didn’t sleep till around two in the morning 

Needless to say I was exhausted Sunday but it was wonderful to spend so much time with them
After all that time without my cuddles 

The weather here has been really cold. 
The mornings are frosty and foggy but the days have been bright and sunny 

I’ve been back to my healthy eating, as isolation was wreaking havoc with my clothes. 
They all seem to have shrunk! 

So I’m back on the keto way of eating. 
But it’s so hard with it being so cold to live on salad
So I made stuffed eggplants. 

Fairly simple. I had a small amount of pork mince that had to be cooked 
So I browned that with some onions some Italian herb mix and some smokey paprika 

Scooped out the eggplants and added the mixture 
Then popped a small hand full of grated cheese,  I had some three cheese pizza mix so I used that 
And cooked them in the oven, covered for 45 minutes, uncovered for another 10-15 minutes
They were so yummy 
Hubby enjoyed them too. So that’s a bonus 
I’ll have to add them to the menu plan 

I’ve been crocheting for a charity. 
I’ve made baby blankets and some beanies 
But I got bored with those. So I’ve started a new project 

Can you guess? 

Well your going to have to wait until I’m done to find out 

The rains have held off for a few days so I might go and wander the local nursery and see what bargains they have 
We are forecast for more rain so it’s an ideal time to get plants into the ground

Where you are enjoy your weekend 
Stay safe and well 
See ya xxx


  1. I need to find some new and different egg plant recipe to try

    1. This was so easy and you can change it as you like. Take the meat out and add rice and it’s vegetarian. So good

  2. It's been a great week of afternoons hasn't it. Today's not so good though.
    Looking forward to seeing what your making - at the mall moment it could be anything:)

    1. Didn’t get to the nursery it got very dark. But I did finish the project. So I’ll reveal it tomorrow

  3. Love stuffed eggplants. Yours sound wonderful.
    Are you making a doll of some sort!!
    Cuddles are good. Bet they were thrilled to wake up and find you there!
    Good luck with keto. We are trying the healthy and 'cut in half' method

    1. It was lovely to be there when they woke up
      Reminded me of my days as a young mum
      A doll. You just might be right lol

  4. Lucky Grandma (lucky grandkids - do you remember staying with your own grandma? - I loved it, either of them, both of them). Is that a waistcoat stitch you are using on your crochet? It is very even.

    1. Oh yes. I remember staying at my grandmas. We used to get to sleep with her in her bed. Poor grandma lol