Friday, February 12, 2021

Friday again

I can’t believe it’s Friday again 
Almost half way through February! 

The days a flying by. Now life is kinda normal again, except for masks, and the occasional 
Outbreak rules being reinstated for short periods of time

I was so excited to have Shirley, who moved to Queensland four years ago, come and stay with me for a couple of days 

It’s been so long since I’ve seen her. About three years as in the old pre covid days I did travel up to Queensland and had a visit
And caught up with her then 

My daughter brought the girls to see her and although they didn’t remember her, she was shocked to see how big they were getting lol 

I even took her to knitting, that has finally been able to commence again, and they were all so very excited and surprised to see her 

Our knitting group has been asked to make premmie beanies for the indigenous families up north. 
They supplied a pattern and colour scheme for us to follow 
Believe it or not. I only have enough of the “right” yellow to make one more beanie so I’m going to have to go out and get me some more 

There is a pattern for a Torres straight islander one as well. But I can’t remember the exact shade of the colours. So I’ll have to wait until 
I can find out. 
So that’s what’s been happening here. 
We have had more covid escape from quarantine 
So who knows what our future holds 
Maybe I should go and get the yarn sooner rather than later?

Stay safe and well 
See ya xxx


  1. Sound like you been socializing a bit, love the colors of the beannies.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. Unfortunately I spoke too soon. We go into five days of lockdown as of midnight tonight

  2. At least its only 5 days and it says loads about your country/state having got control of outbreaks and contact tracing. Woolly hats in the far north?

  3. Did you manage to get down to Spotlight in time Angela? Thankfully there is a large stash in my garage- it’s only 5 days but then.......
    Friends overseas are surprised at how easily we accept these restrictions- I try to tell them not everyone is happy with them but the friends continue say nobody should have to have their lives disrupted that way. Can’t educate stupid I suppose

    1. No I didn’t. But like you I have a stash so I’ll just work with what I have
      Yes. You can’t educate stupid and you can’t argue with it. They drag you down to their level and win because they’re expect at it

  4. Lovely knitting and wonderful having a visitor. It all sounds so normal. Enjoy it