Sunday, February 28, 2021

Getting ready

Today we weeded and pulled out the plants that had finished producing so as to make room for autumn plantings 

Our steer loves it as he gets all the weeds, plants and any oversized courgettes 

I’ll give it a week or so and start planting. 
This is the fun part. The planing and buying stage.

What’s happening  your garden?

Stay safe and well
See ya 


  1. Oh that's a cute photo of your steer. How are the llamas?
    I pulled out some clover and got rid of the broccoli. All I've got left now are a new round of lettuces and a dozen spring onions. I really should be thinking of tomato seeds but haven't got the enthusiasm yet.
    This season has gone so quickly, it's amazing to think you're going into autumn already ...and us into summer darn it. At least we have a few more months of mediocre weather

    1. I’ll try to get pics of the alpacas for you. They don’t tend to come too close
      Our summer wasn’t a great one. I hope you get a good one

  2. It seems only a week or two back your garden was starting off. Leeks going in? Some kale? (Good winter fodder!) We've got calendula and nasturtiums flowering and sunflowers on the way. A neighbouring garden has had sunflowers for a few weeks now.

    1. Oh yes the time has flown
      I hope pur winter harvests are better than our summer ones

  3. Ohhh!! Who is that cute pretty girl? How are you sweet sister?

    1. Welcome back to blog land
      We are all good
      Look forward to reading your posts