Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Mixing it up

As you know I’ve been trying to use up what I have before I allow myself to go and buy more craft 
I’ve had some stitcheries that I finished and one that was half done 
So I finished that off and turned it into a wall hanging that I I’ll probably hang in my craft room 

One of the ones I finished ages ago I’ve turned into a cushion 
I have another two that I will do the same with 
They will go in my new van to make it homey  

The off cuts from other projects have been turned into some booties for the new baby 
I did have to wait until I got the press studs and have now gone home to await the 
Arrival of their owner 

The days are flying by 
It’s now February 
Keeping busy, and out of trouble I am 

Hope you are too 
See ya xx


  1. It must feel great to be powering through craft projects. Ours sort of stutter along. Lo kdown continues and i thought I'd achieve more than i have during lockdown but well.... the rest would just be excuses. Xxx F & Mr T