Friday, March 5, 2021

Busy morning

This morning we awaited the arrival of the chimney sweep 
To come and get the fires ready for winter. 
This one is used during the whole of winter 
And it was very dirty indeed. So really needed that clean 

This one doesn’t get used as much any more 
But during that mid winter cold snap I will light it 
I like to cook on this if it’s going, so I really feel like a pioneer mama lol 

To keep Trixie out of the chimney sweeps way and to stop her getting out the front
I lock her in the sewing room with me 

I cut out and made a couple of bunny bags for Easter 

How cute are they! 

I think I will give these to the girls for Greek Easter, so I’m going l have to make one more
The third little princess will be here by then 

Exciting times! 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xx


  1. Those bunny bags are delightful. And you have a third one on the way. Woohoo.
    Nice to be ready for winter. We didn't get ours cleaned properly this year. Our cleaner, who is a nephew, was so busy he couldn't fit us in. He had better come this summer or else.

    1. It kinda was an urgent job. We didn’t clean it for the last few years.
      It’s burning beautifully now

  2. F loves the bags - particularly the lining material. I, the Tigger, prefer the fireplaces. We don't have one here, but in front of our UK one (lighted and roaring - the fire not me) was my favorite place in all the world.

    1. The lining is a fairy print. I think the girls will love it
      Our cat also came in and parked near the fire
      It’s going to be interesting to see who get the best spots in winter

  3. Love the Easter Bunny bags. Very cute!

    1. Thank you. They are very easy to make just a bit fiddly as they are not huge