Thursday, March 18, 2021

Delivery day

Last year in February we went to the caravan and camping show 
It was just before covid really hit us 

We signed on the dotted line and purchased a new caravan.  We traded in our two 
And got one that combined the best bits of the two we had 

All was well. We were told it would take six months to build and we I’ll have our new van 

Oh my. Didn’t those plans go off course 

Covid hit. We were locked down and the world as we knew it changed 

Delivery of our van kept getting pushed further and further away 
Not that it mattered really. We couldn’t go anywhere 

But 13 months later we have taken delivery of our brand new caravan 

Hand over was yesterday and what a day 
It took an hour and a half to get to the yard, it’s way over the other side of town from us 

Then the actual hand over was over two hours. There is so much you need to know 
My poor little brain was fried. But the lovely man who was explaining all the gadgets and gizmos told me to video parts of it. 
What a clever idea 
So I did. And I can go back and see what he said. 

As you can see Ive made the bed and Ive added the cushions I made 
To make it feel more homey 

We are very happy with it
And now we are itching to go away 

A short trip at first.
And maybe a longer one during winter. 
We will stay in our state for the foreseeable future so we don’t get locked out 
In any snap boarder closures 

So there you are. It was a bit of a wait but we got it in the end 
Now I have to take all the camping stuff I have and condensed it from two caravans into one 
I’ll slowly do that over the next few days 

Hope your all safe and well 
See ya xx


  1. That is so 'oh wow' and so advanced on the caravans my family had in my youth. My grandparents lived in a caravan in Aus for two years in the '70s. Long story but they in effect took an extended 'gap year' in their 60s. They towed it around and lived and worked in every state and territory and we had the most wonder weekly letter describing their travels and experiences (pre the days of internet, blogging and instygram stuff and digital photos, so not widely shared.) Enjoy your lovely new van.

    1. Thank you. I hope you got to hear lots of stories from their travels
      It would of been amazing for them

    2. It's fabulous Ange. Happy & safe adventures x

  2. My big girl has one on order - going to do their Big Lap - mid April is the date they’ve been given Hopefully it comes then.....they’ sort of put their house on the market’ promised to an agent while they did some work, agent asked if he could bring prospective clients round....yes you’ve bought it, wanting to do all the work himself. They were delighted with the offer so accepted. Settlement is May so it’s going to be tight...or they’ll be living with their daughter for a while.
    Enjoy your trips away Angela....this year has been difficult so we all need some fun. We’re booked into Bowen for a couple of months come July, borders better stay open!

    1. Fingers crossed we don’t go into lockdown again
      But I think for now we will just discover victorian to be safe
      Hopefully they get their van on time

  3. That is some wagon. Oh boy. You're going to have loads of fun in that. That's how camping should be be. Hope you can get away asap

    1. Oh yes. I’ve done the roughing it camping
      I now need all the comforts of home the privileges of old age lol