Friday, March 19, 2021

Fender bender

This morning on my way to the pool I had a slight fender bender 
I pull over and speak to the other driver he doesn’t speak English so he puts me on the phone to his son 
Well what a rude young man that was. Started yelling at me told me he’s dad explained it all it’s my fault and no he won’t give 
Me his details 

Me well I just told him I wasn’t going to argue and I was calling the police 

Now up until their moment it was not going well for me BUT 

the lady on the end of the phone was lovely and calmed me down
The police who attended were lovely and were genuinely concerned 
My son who I rudely rang and woke up came to my rescue promptly and looked after his mum
I also rang a friend who drives a truck and I know he is on the road at that hour, to talk to me and keep me from losing 
My mind.

Then I get to the pool 
The friends I have made at the pool were all so lovely and concerned and looked after me 
The lifeguard who is there every morning and I have got to know, not only made sure I was ok, but got the manager, who I also have now got to know,
To come over and do a wellness check on me 
Then told me to not go too deep and made sure the other swimmers kept an eye on me 

Then hubby came with my wonderful son to pick up my car from the carport and one of the 
Amazing friend I have made in the pool took me home 

So today instead of concentrating on the rude driver and his very rude son 
I choose to concentrate on the wonderful people in my life 

Maybe this is the reason for the accident 
So that I am reminded of how truly blessed and rich I am 

See ya xx


  1. I hope the officer sorted out the father and son but not in such a nice way you were treated.
    The shock of it all and the rudeness of the son must have made your blood pressure go sky high. Do you ever check yours?
    Thank goodness for kind friends and family. Hope you're ok . You and the car need lots of tlc!

    1. Blood pressure was ok. But the anxiety was through the roof
      Car will get fixed and I’ll be ok. Thank you

  2. Sooooo glad you were looked after...thank the goddesses not hurt.. yes folk are're not..that's what's beautiful 😇

    1. Thanks lovely I guess you don’t appreciate the good if you don’t see the bad occasionally

  3. It doesn't help when your adrenalin is racing to have some useless git shouting the odds as well (as if that ever fixed anything). We are really impressed with the ways you counted the positive stuff to come out of. Some people would be too locked in their distress to recognize the blessings that flowed as well. You are an example to us. Furrings & purrings Mr T. PS F would like to know where you got the rabbit easter bag pattern or did you design it yourself. She told me the pain of accidents is sometimes later when the adrenalin drains away, so we hope you don't find those stiff bits tomorrow.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I’m just keeping busy so I don’t feel the pain lol
      The pattern is from pinterest I’ll try to find it and post

  4. Here we have to exchange driver info such as insurance and lissions.
    Sorry about the accident.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. Here we have to ask well. It’s the law.
      Which is why the police came and made sure he did.