Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Making pretties

I have been busy working on my stitcheries in between yarn and sewing projects.
Because you know. Variety is the spice of life lol 
I do like to mix it up. 

Anyway I decided I would make a wall hanging for my craft room 
What do you think?,
I just need to add a hanger and maybe some tabs from which to hang it from 

I have seen some hangers that have clips so I’ll wait and see what kind I get 
But I have the perfect spot so I’m excited to get it up on the wall 

A trip to the craft store for me I think

The weather here has turned wet
It’s not cold but it feels damp and yucky

I’ve been swimming and I’ve just come back from knitting group 
So the rest of the day will be spend at home 
I’ll find something to keep me occupied 

See ya xx 


  1. I been also stiching (embrodiary) blocks also.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. Wow your output is amazing. I was challenged just stitching noses onto rabbits - more on that later. Thank you for the link by the way.

  3. That will make a lovely wall hanging. Bravo.
    I am envious of swimming, in a pool, and a knitting group. I wouldn't have them anyway where I live.
    Nice that you can once again enjoy wishing you some sunshine

    1. Don’t think we will be getting much sunshine now
      But we can hope