Sunday, March 7, 2021

Baptism day

Yesterday I was honoured to be asked to become my nieces young sons godmother 

Here we are at the Greek church where I was married, my children got baptised 
My grandchildren and also my great nephews, as well as my niece and nephew 

And the same priest has officiated the whole time 
It’s been many many years 

A pic of the little man himself 
He was very happy before being stripped naked and dunked into the water lol 

But he was soon dressed and back home for a sleep 
It’s exhausting being welcomed into the Christian family you know 

So now I have two god sons, 
Yes I’m very blessed indeed 

See ya xx


  1. Such a happy event.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. Oh that's wonderful. Love the inside of your church. So modern and bright.
    He's a real sweetie. Na sas zisei.

    1. The old church was demolished the day after my wedding. So it’s newish 33 years old lol
      Ours wow the last offical event in the old one.
      Might of been an omen who knows lol