Tuesday, September 7, 2021


There are a couple of babies coming 
A boy and a girl 
So I’ve used up some of my Disney fabrics to make some quilts 

I’ve got enough wadding but I’m not sure about backing fabric. So I’ll look and see what I have and how far it will go 
I might have to ring the quilt shop and do an order over the phone and then just go and collect it if I’m able or just get them 
To send it out. 

Lockdown is weighing everyone down 
This one stared as a seven day lockdown and it feels like it’s gone on for six months! 

Hope your all keeping well and happy 
Stay safe 
See ya 


  1. You've got a variety of crafts to keep you busy. Thank goodness.
    Looking forward to seeing the quilts

  2. Grey and pink is good combo.
    Coffee is on and stay safe