Sunday, September 12, 2021

Ta da!

I know. Two posts in one day but I’m so excited I had to share 
The quilt top is done and I’m so happy with it 
It’s bigger than I thought it would be so a perfect size for a picnic blanket
Or to snuggle under when outside and you want to keep warm 

Here it is from another angle

I’ve decided I’ll get it professionally quilted. I wouldn’t know where to start for stitch in the ditch 
And an all over quilting will help keep it all together as there are so many joins 

So now my stash of scraps is very small and made up of larger pieces 

The long pieces of 2.5 cuts I put in my binding pile will go to binding this once it’s quilted 
I just have to wait until we open up again 

In other exciting news I’ve got all these wicking beds now 
Just need to top them up with the actual growing soil and away I can go

We have been very productive this weekend. It must be the sunshine 
I’m blissful happy. It really is the little things 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xx


  1. Beautiful. It's amazing isn't it, just how far the scraps go when you start using them up. I didn't know there is professional quilting service - that would spare me a lot of grief - i love patchworking and so hate quilting. F

    1. My old quilting teacher Does it from her shop
      In this case I think its money well spent

  2. I love the array of colours. Well done, Angela.
    And you have sunshine to warm your soul. Happy days even if you still have lockdown

  3. Sort of looks like what I would call Gypsy quilt. Your quilt looks fun and taking it on picnic sounds like great ideal.
    Coffee is on and stay safe