Thursday, December 16, 2021

Make over

Today the sun was out and I decided I was going to tackle a corner of the garden that has been 
Neglected for a long time 

It was so overgrown with weeds
That I didnt even go near it because it annoyed me so much 
Everything was just overgrown and unloved 
I forgot to take a before shot. But the tree had grown so much I could barely use my clothes line
So my wonderful son walked over with the chain saw and gave it a good haircut 
It opened up the area and I felt like I could breath again 

I started by removing the smaller pots and just emptied them of their contents 
They were so full of grass that it would of been a lengthy job of trying to get them all out 
They are now washed and ready for some fresh potting mix.  I’ll deal with those another day 
The square tin garden beds were cleaned out most of the soil remained and we topped them up 
With more and mulched them 
All plants were so big and woody we just chucked them.  Only bulbs were saved and some were re planted 
Into pots near the house 

The two big white pots had dead annuals that had flowered earlier 
So I pulled them out and extra bulbs were planted in here after fresh potting mix was added 
Looking much better. 
Hubby is still out there doing the last of the weeding that I just couldn’t pull out 
He’s going to whipper snip them short and unfortunately I’m going to have to spray them 
I’m the background you can see the blue tub in the metal stand. There were two in this area. 
I already emptied one with the help of my son and we moved it to the vegetable garden area
This one is being emptied as I type and I’ll decide where I want it then fill it with potting mix and plant flowers 

The sheep loved all the cuttings from the trees and all the weeds I had pulled out 

The blue planter 
It needs potting mix and some veggies I’ll organise that over the weekend 

And of course. Our site managers 
Keeping an eye on all the going’s on 

It’s been a huge day 
Which hasn’t ended yet 
I’m exhausted 
Hubby came home an hour ago to help with the heavy lifting 
And now I’ve left him to finish off 
I’ve watered all the pots and the veggies

And now I’m enjoying a well earned rest 
I wonder is it gin o’clock time yet?

Stay safe
See ya 


  1. You're putting a lot of work into the garden. Hope it rains now and again this summer and you can sit back and enjoy it all

    1. Luckily we have a big tank and collect water. So we can use that if we need
      I just hope we harvest lots of yummy food. It’s getting really expensive at the supermarkets

  2. Your garden is looking lovely. My back garden is in sore need of some TLC but I blame the dogs and their love of digging.

    1. My dog Molly, who we lost four years ago was a digger omg. She didn’t just dig holes but trenches. Lucky we loved her

  3. That was an effective makeover. I love it when a days work produces such visible results.