Monday, December 27, 2021

De Christmasing

Hubby was up the ladder while was his elf taking the decorations and placing them in plastic tubs for storage 

He is currently cleaning the garden shed to make room 
While I worked in removing a couple of garlands.

Waiting on washing machine to finish the table cloths so I can get them dry and packed away

I’m going to put Christmas stuff away slowly over the next few days leaving the little tree last. That will be packed away after January 6th 

Let’s hope I last the distance 

See ya xx


  1. I'll take down Christmas weekend of 4th.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. I rather like your Xmas deco system. You put them up early and enjoy the whole atmosphere but start taking them down after the day and by Jan 6 have only the very basics. I'm going to start putting mi e away too, but very slowly so others don't really notice lol

    1. We actually got more down than I had planned.
      Which is great. I’ll be able to finish off in one day now

  3. What a mammoth task and it doesn't have the same joyful appeal as putting them up. I like leaving the lights up for a bit longer in these winter months but Mr B is a very 12th night person. The world won't end if you don't last the distance and things take a little longer .... Enjoy the twinkle.

    1. As it’s summer here I don’t bother having the lights up any longer.
      I too would leave them if I was living up north