Saturday, December 18, 2021

Makeover complete

It looks so much better. Don’t you think 
Couldn’t do any gardening yesterday as it was my day with Ana 
But this morning I was determined to get it done 

Hubby and I scooted off to bunnings 
And got more bags of potting mix and seedlings 
One blue barrel bed stayed but got moved to the front of the garden shed 

Hubby convinced me to keep these beds so I planted them both with lots of red flowers 
It seems to be a theme for the year. 

I’m not fussed as to what goes in these. I usually get whatever is on special and in bulk 
You can see my handy little garden helper. 
I can kneel without hurting my knees and it helps me to get back up again 
Turn it up the other way and it’s a seat. For when you need a little rest 

Two more tomatoes. These are the heirloom ones called mortgage lifter 
They grow really big lush tomatoes. Called mortgage lifter because the man who breed them 
Sold so many seedlings he was able to pay off his mortgage. 
I think it’s a lovely story 

No sooner than I had watered in the last of the seedlings. It went dark, the wind picked up and we heard a great big crack of thunder 
Hubby quickly brought in the sheets I had hung on the line, thankfully they’re were dry 
And we came inside 
While typing this post. The sun has come back out and although I can hear rumblings of thunder I think it may have missed us 
Good job I watered 

I think I relax for the rest of the day 
See ya 


  1. Those red flowers in the blue planters will look really good. You're doing a great job. Must be so satisfying to sit back and admire all the results of that hard work

  2. Your make-over looks fabulous. Those garden kneelers are great picese of kit aren't they? I LOVE that lizard on your shed.

  3. I need one of those helpers! Bunnings?
    You will be able to sit back and admire the fruits of your hard work over the next few months. Well done.

    1. Yea a bunnings purchase but it was a while ago