Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Summer crops

This year the weather being crappy we have had a late start 
The first crop all got eaten or drowned from the downpours we had. But 
As you know. Never say die so we replanted and this time it’s going much better 
The lime tree got blocked somehow but I trimmed it back and now I’ve got baby limes 

The eggplants and beans planted in the wicking beds have put on a burst of growth 

The tomato really  love the wicking beds
And have taken off. We have flowers and tomatoes 

I think this is pumpkins. Hubby planted them so I’m not sure. But I guess we will know once it produces 
What ever it is. It’s growing quickly 

Can you see the babies in there. So cute 

And little zucchini.  I’ll have to check these every day. As you know. If you leave them just a few days too long they grow enormous 

The tamarillo is bursting with flowers and even has a little baby growing. 

The grape vines I grew from a cutting last year is doing really well 
The soil level has dropped so I’ll top it up with some lovely compost 

Even the bulbs we disturbed while weeding are starting to shoot. 

So lots happening in the garden right now 
The price of fresh veggies has gone up and is predicated to keep going up
As farmers are finding it hard to get workers due to covid 

So I really cannot afford to have any failures 
I’ll keep planting and harvesting, sharing the crop with my kids families 
I’ll also preserve to have during the winter 

Kinda like I did when my kids were little and I had to make ends meet 
Not only much cheaper. But way healthier 
And you know. I get to out and play in the soil. That’s always fun too 

Have you got any vegetables growing at your place?

See ya 


  1. No garden here, we got snow in our yard. But I really like eggplant.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. We are lucky. We can grow something all year round. Our winters are very mild coming to others.

  2. Ooh. Is that a kaffir lime I see? I wish we had veggies but left it too late again thanks to Covid and two bloody large dogs who even jump onto raised containers for a dig. Maybe next year.

    1. Yes it is. Apparently you can eat the leaves too. Very versatile
      My poodle has jumped up and try to dig. I was not happy she got told off and never did it again lol

    2. The leaves are awesome in Asian cooking. Not sure about the actual limes. You wouldn't put one in a G&T I don't think.

  3. Tamarillos - F is SOOOOOO jealous. Here in Europe no one knows what they are. She has seen them once in 30 years over here. As for the weather that's the thing about gardening that makes less experienced players give up and then we learn who the real devotees are. Yours is looking great. Let's hope you don't now get a late season drought!

    1. I’ve never seen them in the shops. So I’m really looking forward to having a nice crop
      My son had one at my mother in laws house when little and asked me to plant one. Took me years to find a plant

  4. A good variety and a lot of healthy plants. You're giving them lots of love. I'm sure you'll have s great harvest

  5. So good to have some home grown veg to harvest. We had success with cucumbers and rockmelon this Summer so far. We've had a lot of rain and so lots of cucumbers! I grew cherry toms in pots and it was a bit hit and miss. one variety, Lemon Drop, did well but others didn't ripen properly. We also lost a few to our Labroador who likes tomatoes!

    1. When my children were little. Lots of veggies didn’t make it into the house at all
      But that’s the beauty of home grown.
      Your dog has very fine tastes and is obviously very healthy I’m sure